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All you want to know about Bubble Football/Bubble Soccer/Zorb Football



Soccer which is a popular sport around the world. Soccer and Bubble together has transformed the sports and has added new dimensions to this game, this newly modified game form is called Bubble Football / Bubble Soccer or Zorb Football.People are going mad about the fun which is involved in this game. Bubble football in now a very popular sports in UK. You need to get inside a Zorb and get started to play, players are divided into two teams, teams can be a minimum of 3 vs 3 or max of 10 vs 10. It doesn’t require much of space it can be played in sports halls, Astro, football /rugby court or even in a gym.

This game has taken the world by storm because of the fun involved in it. Those who watch it, they also enjoy and can’t stop themselves from laughing and even laugh for days they watched the game. Everybody enjoys this game whether on the field or off field. Bubble football is another name of fun and it has become a party element it suits all occasions whether  a birthday or farewell etc. You collide with your opponents you fall, but don’t worry ,you won’t get hurt. You will enjoy the joy of colliding and falling. All the instruction about how to play the game will be given at the beginning by the instructors.

There are many other games which are also played the games like Bulldog, last man standing, rolling races , sumo, stag or Hen in mind.

Prizes will be given at the end of the game. All the memorable moments of game will be recorded and given to you.Go and make a memorable moment for a lifetime with Bubble Football/Bubble Soccer.


Here are some glimpse of the event

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